Feature Flags, Toggles & A/B Testing

Everything you need for turbocharging your modern product development

What are feature flags?

Feature Flags are software switches that turn on or off a feature - usually in real-time, without needing to release a new version of the software.

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Validate your features before launching

Building great products is not easy. Getting product market fit is even harder. This usually requires multiple iterations based on product feedback to get it right.

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Calculating sample sizes for A/B tests

Calculating the required sample size for an A/B Test (also known as a split test or bucket test) helps you run a properly powered experiment.

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Canary Release

Canary release is a technique of slowly rolling out the change to a small subset of users and testing it before rolling it out to everyone.

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Your first feature flag

A comprehensive guide to getting started with your first feature based on Feature Flags/Gates/Toggles.

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What are A/B Tests

Also known as split or bucket testing, A/B testing is the scientific gold standard for understanding and measuring causality

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Feature Flag & A/B Testing Libraries

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